Traditional, simple, bringing good meat to your home at reasonable prices. These are actually the mission statements of the present King Huat Beef run by a lady named Mdm Sandy Loh. With a history spanning more than 50 years the founder of King Huat beef, my great great grandfather, was an immigrant from China from Hainan Island, China. During the early years in 1930s, it started with a roadside stall selling beef in the area of Chinatown. The variety of beef cuts then was only limited to the local abattoir that slaughtered the local livestock. King Huat Beef was not known as King Huat beef at that time. Shortly after WWII, my great grandfather took over the running of the stall for a short period of time before he went over to Indonesia. My grandpa Low Niap Seng then took over when he was in his early twenties with his cousin. When Singapore gained independence in 1965, the stall was relocated to the current Maxwell market. Grandpa Loh operated the stall daily starting from the wee hours in the morning at about 5am and ended about 3pm in the afternoon. As age was catching with him in the 90s, Sandy started helping out at the stall, slowly learning the ropes of the different cuts of the beef as well as the trade itself. In the late 90s, the 4th generation of King Huat beef emerged. Being younger and with the entrepreneurial spirit in her, she started to sell more beef types from countries such as Australia, US and Brazil. These are what the big butcheries are already doing at that time. The stall is standing at its current location today in Chinatown, Smith Street. Business is brisk and the Sandy is thinking it will be a complete waste to let this legacy die off, after all this simple setup has actually catered to the early immigrants in the 1940s until today.传统,简单,以合理的价格为您的生活带来好品质的肉。这是由一位名叫Sandy Loh女士经营的各国进口精品牛肉店。50多年的历史,我的老祖宗竟發牛肉的创始人是来自中国海南岛的移民。在20世纪30年代早期,他开始在唐人街路边摊曾卖牛肉,当时牛肉的种类仅限于来自当地屠宰的牛,当时的竟發牛并不被称为竟發牛,二战结束后不久,老祖宗接管了马厩的经营,后来由二十出头的爷爷卢业清和他的堂弟接管了公司。当新加坡在1967年获得独立时,这个摊位被转移到了现在的牛车水市场。爷爷每天从凌晨5点左右开始经营这个摊位,下午3点左右结束。90年代,随着爷爷年龄的增长,Sandy 开始在摊位上帮忙,慢慢地熟悉了牛肉不同部位的最佳食用方式以及经营之道。上世纪90年代末,第4代竟發牛肉传承人出现了,年轻的她,更具有创业精神,她开始销售更多来自澳大利亚、美国和巴西等国家的牛肉,这些牛肉品质更优,源于自然,肉质鲜美,高蛋白质且低脂肪,天然健康。该摊位目前位于335史蜜 斯街 牛车水大厦#B1-122。Sandy一家认为,一定要把竟發牛肉继续经营下去,毕竟是一种传承,从20世纪40年代直到今天我们都在以最优质的品质与最实惠的价格服务于大家。

Daniel has been with King Huat Beef for the last 10 years. Ever since the late Grandpa Loh health deteoriated as he aged, Danial has been the one holding the fort together with Sandy. Prior to working at King Huat Beef, he has been with several butcheries with a span of more than 20 years in this line.